Audience2Media for Money Advice Service

Free Financial Health Check

In times of economical difficulties it can be hard to manage your money. Advice is few and far between, which is where the Money Advice Service comes in. Providing citizens with advice on a range of financial scenarios, the free and impartial business weighs in on anything from Debt and Borrowing to Retirement and Mortgages. Many people are resistant to accepting help, so the Money Advice Service wanted to raise awareness of their brand to audiences that are often resistant to money management help and encourage them to take a free online money health check.

Audience2Media’s display campaign was able to reach audience groups requested by the client whilst in online environments where they are receptive to the idea of money management – lifestyle and consumer purchase environments, for example. The campaign built awareness of the tools and services offered by the Money Advice Service and encouraged users to participate in the free online financial health check.

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