OneWorld for California Public Utilities Commission

Family Talk

To enhance the California Phones brand, we wished to market to the sons, daughters, and grandchildren of seniors to help them use the specialized telephones provided by this state program. Through research with stakeholders, we identified a creative way to appeal to these offspring, across all cultures. They seek ways to express their love for their senior family members, in addition to wanting to stay better in touch. We positioned the act of helping the senior to obtain the telephone as a way for the younger generation to attain these goals. We created a cross-cultural TV campaign featuring warm, engaging, and funny moments where these offspring talk about or make authentic connections with their parents or grandparents by helping their seniors obtain and use these phones. We crafted each story for each particular cultural audience, with different actors, and produced the commercials in English (general market and African American), Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin languages. We planned and bought media, and broadcast the spots in multiple California markets as part of an integrated marketing services package including marketing research, strategy, TV, radio, print, OOH, and digital online media production, media buying, outreach materials and support, media relations, and reporting.

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