Simple Media for The Polish Olympic Committee

'See you next year' - Polish Oympic Committee

The Polish Olympic Committee (PKOI) is a nationwide association of sports associations and organizations, dealing primarily with the organization of the participation of the Polish national team in the Olympic Games.

We are proud that PKOI chose the Simple Media agency to carry out the image campaign 'See you next year'.

This action was a response to the decision of the International Olympic Committee to postpone the Olympic Games to 2021. It was intended to maintain interest in the event, but also to thank and emphasize the unity of, among others participating athletes and supporters.

Together with the client, we conducted outdoor activities. Almost 500 huge billboards hung in the most popular and frequently visited places Polish cities. As a next stage, we expanded the campaign to other media such as radio and the press. Our activities covered all of Poland, both large and small agglomerations, so as to reach every fan in the country.

It is worth to mention that we have been cooperating with the Polish Olympic Committee for years and support them with every major campaign. We truly hope that we will join our efforts again in campaigning for the 2021 Olympics.

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