TMH for Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

Emirati recruitment campaign for ADCB

The brief was to encourage young Emirati men and women to join the staff of one of the United Arab Emirates’ leading banks, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB). Employers across the UAE are encouraged to hire local citizens as part of the government’s ‘Emiratisation’ initiative, as Emiratis are generally under represented in the work place. The campaign uses the traditional ‘fatima’ Arabic calligraphy style, which plays a very strong role in the heritage and pride of the nation. Rendered by the young emiratis as a ‘light source’ spelling out the word 'Emirati' in Arabic. They are ‘making their mark’ building a career in a progressive bank in synch with the modern world, as well as being part of the government’s Emiratisation’ programmme. The calligraphic treatment creates a strong message that reflects ADCB’s deep understanding of Emirati culture and heritage, as well as the bank’s and the government’s, vision to create a solid foundation for the future of the country.

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