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Leading push-fit plumbing brand Hep2O wanted to increase brand awareness and gain market share among its core audience of professional plumbers.

To meet the brief, we knew it was crucial to investigate what really matters to the target audience and where they go for professional support and information.

Our research found that, when they really need work-related advice and inspiration, plumbers don’t always turn immediately to brands directly or trade magazines. Rather, the first port of call is increasingly their peers. More specifically, trusted and authentic peers (both respected individuals and popular online forums) with proven online kudos.

To instigate real perception and behavioural change, we therefore needed to engrain and associate Hep2O with these online industry influencers and ensure the brand became a valued fixture within the online plumbing community.

So, we developed and initiated a strategic influencer engagement campaign that combined:

  • Identifying and offering targeted influencers a ‘no expectations’ opportunity to experience and test the product for themselves. We know once we get it in their hands they will want to share their positive experiences
  • One-off ‘spike’ activities providing carefully selected influencer participants with exclusive physical experiences, events and insights. Wider online audiences are incorporated into these activities through exciting videos, imagery and interactive content (as well as influencer UGC)

At the same time, we helped Hep2O move in a brave new creative direction – devising a design language and brand voice that aligned closely with the authentic ‘lifestyle’ look and feel favoured by plumber audiences. This helped set the brand apart from the more old-fashioned, corporate creative approach of competitor brands.

Tangerine also organised an influencer visit day to Hep2O HQ – featuring a fun night of bowling followed by an exclusive behind-the-scene tour the following day.

  • Attendees included key influencers such as Plumberparts and Andy Cam
  • Wider audiences were invited to join in the activity online through: live social posts; industry first Facebook Live Q&A (hosted by Plumberparts); on-going influencer UGC; final video documenting the entire event
  • Tangerine teamed up with Installer magazine and the Plumb Chat Facebook Group to further promote the activity (pre, during and post the event).

The results to date have been impressive. However, we are still at the early stages of our mission. Trade audiences can be hesitant to change long held views and perceptions around preferred brands and working approaches – so a long term, consistent approach is key.

2019 will see Tangerine continuing to work closely with Hep2O to further evolve activity and cement the brand as the first choice among plumber audiences, connecting with them through the channels that matter and alongside the people and organisations they trust. Watch this space!


  • Positive product reviews across the social channels of key influencers including Ryan Mills (@rdmills88), Jim the 24 hour plumber (@th24hrplumber) and Mr London Plumber (mr.london_plumber_)
  • Combined potential reach of over 1 million – all focused on relevant audiences
  • In-depth influencer-led (@rdmills88) case study featuring over 7 posts and 1,000 engagements
  • Pre-promotion of influencer visit day via Plumb Chat and Plumberparts achieved hundreds of engagements and 36 submitted questions for the Q&A
  • Influencer day content gained 27K Facebook Live video views, 1,370 engagements and 31K impressions
  • Influencer UGC gained a further 37k reach and 7.2k rich content views on the Hep2O HQ visit

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