Tempest Advertising for Cybercity


The space is never at the centre of the keyboard.

 Except when you are a builder called Cybercity, and the space you are selling is located at the city's centre.

 For Marina Skies, the latest designer apartment project by Cybercity, we wanted a curious looking campaign that said “we’re offering spacious living at the centre of the city”, and connected with the name Cybercity in an intrinsic way. 

 The keywords were space, and centre. The ‘voila’ moment arrived when we put the spacebar at the centre of the keyboard.  The keyboard looked curious. The best part was, with the keyboard, we had found a way to highlight the other selling points of the project:  the high return on investment promise, {we put the return button on top and called it the “high return”} and the “big shift” {the project positioned as an aspirational buy for those looking to shift to a better class of living in Hyderabad}.

The campaign was a splash in the city. People stopped to wonder why the keyboard looked weird on the hoarding, and leads were generated. As a real estate campaign that steered clear of hackneyed visuals of laughing families and lofty towers, it was appreciated for its wit.     

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