comma, brand strategists for SBM

A creative twist

SBM is specialist in courses and education for employers and employees of all ranks. They offer coaching and advise for small businesses, major multinationals and (inter)national organisations such as Coca-Cola, Bekaert Textiles and Eandis. SBM is part of the Syntra West group and absolute expert in realistic no-nonsense corporate trainings and guidance. comma, merkenmarketeers functions as an ad interim marketing manager.

This means that our marketers visit the client and operate from their location, the most reliable way to completely dive into the world of the client and understand his goals and wishes best. We set up a marketing strategy and plan and created a fitting communication strategy and plan, which evolved into a concrete media plan. comma, merkenmarketeers also guides SBM in their transition and growth and set up a digital strategy trajectory and guidance in web development.

We recently regulated a content plan for social media, generated design and structure for their new corporate magazine and is, as we speak, building a new website for SBM. Besides that, comma, merkenmarketeers also generated all the creative items onsite/offsite and online/offline. 

Other projects