comma, brand strategists for Lootens

Bigger perspectives

Tuning Lootens Line and Halsberghe to Lootens didn’t happen overnight. A move like that requires insights, conclusions and decisions that lead to a substantiated, future-proof brand strategy.

That is why we made a thorough analysis together with the customer involving workshops, a customer survey, the archetype wheel, business strategies and brand models. All this with the aim of arriving at the brand essence and developing and rolling out a unique brand strategy. In this way, a (re)new(ed) strong brand was put on the market.

The next phase was the development of the marketing plan, the definition of KPI’s and the preparation of a communication plan based on the ‘own-bought-earned’ model.

This enabled us to shift up a gear with the corporate branding:

  • A new logo and baseline, a new corporate design and stationery (business cards, letterhead, cover, PowerPoint, e-sign, calendar, …)
  • Visual and verbal storytelling 

Once the basics were set up, we developed tools and content to communicate with:

A new website, which involved wireframes, design, development front and back end, SEO & keyword analysis, dashboards to monitor performance

  • The optimization and restyling of LinkedIn and Facebook
  • A direct mailing about the new Lootens brand (concept, design, production, handling, shipping)
  • Press communication

Other projects