comma, brand strategists for Waveflex®

Reshape your nights

Ever heard of Waveflex®? You’re kidding me… you haven’t? Well, that’s about to change. Waveflex® is a no-nonsense company that followed an intensive process to position, strengthen and expand its brand into a premium brand, together with comma.

Waveflex® is a sleep specialist from Beernem with an immeasurable passion for ergonomic sleeping comfort. For over 20 years, Waveflex® has been developing patented sleep systems based on scientific insights.

During our interactive workshops – brand essence, brand positioning, competition analysis, customer journey, product positioning & portfolio analysis – we unraveled the DNA of the Waveflex® brand together. The conclusions formed the basis for the development of a strong brand with a sophisticated brand strategy.

The comma dream team was then able to work visually and verbally to shape the essences of Waveflex® and subsequently roll them out through various channels: Waveflex® newspaper, POS dealer packages, website, …

Want to get the most out of your sleep?
Reshape your nights with Waveflex®!

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