comma, brand strategists for Concordia

Risk Management & Benefits

Need insurance? Call Concordia! This Ghent based insurance company, part of the international Ecclesia group, is specialised in insuring expats, athletes, sport federations and small businesses. comma, merkenmarketeers functions as an ad interim marketing manager. This means that our marketers visit the client and operate from their location to become part of the clients’ company or organisation.

From this position, we designed a marketing and social media plan and set up an editorial committee that generates and structures content for social media channels. Last year, Concordia moved to a new and spectacular building, an ideal moment to sharpen the communication tools. Instore communication, communication with the clients through print and online news, and realising a corporate movie-...  We focus more on digital by monitoring the website, emailing campaigns and social tools constantly, this lets us evolve each month.

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