comma, brand strategists for Flemish Tradition

The label of high quality craftsmanship

Meet Flemish Tradition, a West-Flemish based manufacturer of quality furniture such as seats and lounges. The items of Flemish Tradition are wonderful examples of pure craftsmanship and knowhow. comma, merkenmarketeers cooperated with the client and created a perfect branding strategy for Flemish Tradition, a new brand of well-known Demuynck seats.

We started with a positioning workshop using our in-house developed ‘ Brandtool’. Our goal was to construct a new, private label which highlighted the craftsmanship, expertise and strength of Demuynck seats. comma, merkenmarketeers presented the following name: ‘Flemish Tradition – The label of high quality Craftsmanship’, putting emphasis on quality and artisanal knowhow.

Together with the name and tagline, comma, merkenmarketeers created a fitting logo, discrete labels for the seats, a brochure, a certificate of guarantee, frame and a contemporary website. Evidently we examined (potential) key words in an extensive SEO analyse before launching the new website. We monitor the website each month to keep an eye on the evolution.

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