comma, brand strategists for Preflex

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The Preflex Group is an international pioneer in prewired flexible conduits. They are the European expert when it comes to smart, fast and easy to use conduits. comma, merkenmarketeers works as an on-site brand strategist, coaching and advising the Preflex management team in their marketing and communication strategy.

As we functioned as marketing managers of Preflex, we started with a positioning workshop using our in-house developed ‘ Brandtool’. After implementing the new positioning with the concepts work Fast, be Smart, think Genius we were ready to define the marketing, communication, online and social strategy. Now, we are implementing each strategy using a detailed plan from design, content and development. We monitor each communication level (own-bought-earned) by using dashboards on every item which we evaluate monthly. We are, as we speak, also setting up a co-creation project with two other international companies Hirschmann and Roll...Profi.

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