How To Get The Most Out Of Travel Influencers To Get Your Message Spread

Feb 20, 2018

Much has already been said about the power of social media and its influencers, so it has been increasingly consolidated as a powerful marketing tool for brands, not only a mere entertainment mechanism. Followers are inspired by the way of dressing, attitudes and the products the influencers consume. In the case of travels, these influencers have immeasurable power, and here at Sing Comunicação, we have already been able to prove that power in a variety of ways. 

Just as one example, we created along with KAYAK an award to recognize the major Brazilian travel influencers, divided into several categories with charming trophy and prizes. The result was great for the brand with several spontaneous mentions, which ensured greater visibility and recognition.

In another situation, a travel company that we launched in the Brazilian market a few years ago accepted our recommendation and held a press trip to Gramado city along with the town hall only for influencers. We believe that the most important thing for a brand is talking directly to its audience, even if they were a micro influencer.

Explaining to customers that the traditional marketing is no longer the only way to talk to their audiences is a task for the communication agencies. They are fundamental in the dissemination of the brands' key messages for potential consumers which often "follow" the digital influencers' opinions and references.

Expertise is everything

It is no use barking up the wrong tree. It is important to know the influencers' view, follow their posts to evaluate how they engage their followers - based on expertise (many are specialists, mainly in the travel industry, who have experiences to tell their stories), charisma (good mood makes a difference) or even on lifestyle – after all, being a travel influencer may require certain investment. In short, some of them have a luxurious life, and this generates aspirations.

Holding meetings and conference calls for alignment is critical to the strategy to be developed. During these moments, it is possible to promote empathy - or not - with a certain influencer. This is the icing on the cake! The brand needs to identify synergy so that the results are positive.

Continuity is also essential. It's no use thinking that you will engage people with a single post. It is necessary to have continuous work, beautiful images and videos, in addition to high quality content so that the followers identify themselves with it. 

Hearing the influencer's opinion and not just imposing the brand's wishes is also important.  No one is better than them to know their audiences. After all, followers are inspired by their ways of dressing, attitudes, products they consume and the trips they made, etc.


After everything that has been said here, plan and evaluate investments and listen to your agency and align yourself very well with who you will choose to take actions before hiring influencers. Thus, you will avoid frustration and surely achieve positive and lasting results. 

by Tatiane Dantas, Account Director

Sing Comunição, Brazil.

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