Should Tourists Go Home?

Feb 15, 2018

Recent protests by the inhabitants of Barcelona have drawn attention to the problem that has begun to emerge in recent years, particularly in cities. On one hand, every city seeks to attract as many tourists as possible. On the other hand, huge crows of tourists can cage the character, certain identity and authentic atmosphere of the city, and be the reason of a certain indignation coming from the population. Prague also wants to deal with this issue. One of the ideas is to focus more on tourists who are primarily interested in culture, bringing more money and coming mostly individually or in small groups. Others recommend attracting visitors to city surroundings. These are certainly not entirely new ideas, but their implementation will be important. 

Due to the variety of visitors coming to the Czech Republic over the last few years, the range of cultural, leisure and sports activities in the city has changed, so it is also necessary to respond with marketing tools with varying intensity according to individual target markets. The priority is a visitor from neighbouring markets, from the USA, China and Korea, yet it is important to be a welcoming destination for other nationalities as well. There is a special need for preparing a marketing plan every year that clearly specifies the target audience groups and topics on which will be focused on in the future. 

The answer to the recent protest of city inhabitants is to attract tourists through special events, programmes and by trying to spread out the offering of these equally throughout the year. The long-term goal is, of course, to organise these events for tourists not only throughout the year, but also in different locations in order to reduce the congestion of major tourist arteries. 

by Sabina Kvášová, Managing Director 

SRDCE EVROPY, Czech Republic

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