New Partner recruitment criteria

Tribe Global (TG) has been constituted as an Association based in Amsterdam. TG is run by Ian Wright, Managing Director who reports to the Board of Directors.

To help drive TG forward and deliver greater value to our Members, TG has created a new membership category for companies that we are calling Partners. The definition of a Partner is an organisation that complements and supports our existing Members (creative, design, digital, data, experiential agencies..) and brings new thinking and value to the TG network. All Partners would benefit from tapping into TG’s global network and in particular our client network across the world. 

Examples of business sectors and skill-sets that are of interest to TG would be technology, intelligence, trends, futurology, digital, information gathering, behavioural science, leadership and training.

TG’s ambition is to have a presence in mature, growing and emerging markets as well as the world’s most dynamic cities.

Partners that join TG will have access to all our Member and Partners and ‘potential’ access to global brands such as Heineken, Rolls-Royce, PlayStation, Marriott and BMW to name just a few.

TG has a clear positioning that identifies delivering business advantage to our clients across the globe as our No1 priority. It is a condition of membership that all new Members buy into this positioning.

We expect our Partners to share their knowledge and expertise, so that all of TG can benefit from this experience.  

The Board speak monthly and meet every few months. TG holds an annual meeting, which takes place in the Autumn of each year to which all Members and Partners are invited. In 2016 the annual meeting was held in San Francisco.

Partner Criteria.

The following criteria should be satisfied in order to become a Partner of TG. The final decision on membership lies with the Board.

  • The Partner organisation must be financially stable and operating profitably.
  • TG will require biographies of the Board/Management team.
  • We may seek references.
  • Partners must subscribe to our culture and collaborative way of doing business.
  • Partnership fees are €6,000 per year. 
  • Membership fees are issued in January of each year and are due for payment within 30 days.
  • Satisfactory completion of the Partner application form.

New Partner approval process.

The success of Tribe Global is dependent on the quality of our Members and Partners. We take the recruitment process particularly seriously and therefore Partners will be appointed by the Board. Our standard process is that any new Partner application is discussed at either the next Board Meeting or at the monthly Board conference call. In certain circumstances this process may be accelerated, but this is the exception rather than the rule.