Shared business commissions

Payments to Tribe Global for shared business.

This paper outlines the way in which Member and Partners contribute funds to Tribe Global for shared business, whether that be for an existing client or new business.

The principle behind this scheme is very simple – Members and Partners benefit from engaging with other Members and Partners to share business and this sharing is made easier by being part of Tribe Global.

In order to ensure compliance, we have kept the payment scheme deliberately simple with a small percentage (3%) paid back to Tribe Global for shared business. This percentage drops to 1.5% for shared business that continues after year 1.

These payments will be used to fund the growth of Tribe Global and raise our profile.

These payments for shared business apply to any shared business between Members and Partners, whether introduced by a Member, Partner or by Tribe Global.

A few terms which are important to understand as terminology does vary by market.

  • Revenue – this is the total amount invoiced by your company and paid by your client.
  • Income – this is the amount of money made by your company after all external/bought in costs (media, printing, photography, etc.) are deducted. Agency salaries and overheads have not been deducted.
  • Net profit – this is what is left after all external/bought in costs have been deducted as well as salaries and overheads.

To keep this simple the payment to Tribe Global for shared business will be based on Income, not net profit or revenue.

It is important that collaborating companies discuss and agree all payments at the beginning of any campaign or project.

This shared remuneration payment scheme will be discussed during the application process.