Social Media

Social media is fundamentally transforming interactions between brands and consumers. Facebook is now the number two driver of web traffic (behind Google). And as a platform, social media has the power to create tremendous scale for what was once called “word of mouth.” Global brands recognize the need to build and manage their social media presence on a country by country basis. After all, the ability to create meaningful social engagement relies on being in sync with local nuance, language and cultural sensitivities.

By tapping Tribe Global’s agency network, multi-national brands can establish a singular, unifying vision for their social media globally, assured that they will be implemented and maintained locally by skilled and knowledgeable “in market” resources.

And while each market’s implementation of social media will reflect the local market, all Tribe Global agencies share a common vision for process, collaboration and analytics. 24x7 community management is made possible through collaborative teams in different time zones. And reporting can be streamlined and integrated to produce a more accurate picture of a brand’s global social footprint.

A few of our social media services:

  •     Social Media Audits
  •     Social Media Monitoring
  •     Community Management/Acquisition
  •     Blogger Outreach
  •     Reporting and Analytics